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Rough parchment with black writing

Johannesson's collected articles - 19th January 2024

Nils-Lennart Johannesson's articles on the Ormulum are now available through the project

Presentation on morphosyntactic integration of loan verbs - 10th November 2023

Juliane Elter’s talk from ICEHL 22 – “Structural Integration of Norse-derived verbs in the Ormulum”

The localization of the Ormulum - 2nd November 2023

Elle Rye gave a talk at ICEHL this year, written by Ellie, Marcelle Cole and Brian Golding, on how their work trying to place where the Ormulum was written.

Norse- and French-Derived words in the Ormulum - 27th October 2023

Our affiliated scholars Sara Pons-Sanz and Janne Skaffari share their presentation from this year's workshop at the International Conference on English Historical Linguistics

Book launch at the Early English Text Society - 29th Sept 2023

Andrew attends a workshop on the Ormulum, hosted by the Early English Text Society, to accompany the release of the edition

Consonant Phonology Presentation - 19th August 2023

Andrew's talk from ICEHL 22 - "Consonant orthography and variation in the Ormulum"

ICEHL Edition Presentation - 11th August 2023

Andrew's talk at the International Conference of English Historical Linguistics

It's real! - 11th July 2023

Somebody, somewhere has received their critical edition.

I'm not obsessed? Am I? AM I?!?!1! - 5th April 2023

A little news article on our new edition at the Stockholm University website

What is the Ormulum called and what was the author's name? - 2nd Sept 2022

These apparently silly questions are a serious matter when it comes to finding information on the Ormulum.

ICOME 22 Presentation - 26th August 2022

“Ormulum: The Johannesson edition – principles, practice, products”

EETS edition forthcoming - 7th January 2022

The first major publication, the first volume of an edition with the Early English text Society, will be published in 2022.

Musings on Orrm’s repetitiveness - 16th August 2021

Orrm's oft-critiqued repetitiveness sounds much better when you're reading the Ormulum out loud.

Handstyle and detective work - 14th December 2020

Several people wrote in the Ormulum manuscript, for various reasons.

The structure of the preface - 30th November 2020

Our edition identifies and unites parts of the preface spread throughout the manuscript.

The /eo/ to /e/ sound change - 23rd November 2020

The Ormulum shows the point in time where Old English eo becomes Middle English e.

Manuscript Sources - 16th November 2020

Our edition of the Ormulum is derived from two manuscripts.

Orrm's alphabetic innovation - 9th November 2020

Orrm developed his own alphabet to write his own variety of English

Edition goals - 26th October 2020

We are currently planning five versions of the text.

Development of the diplomatic edition - 12th October 2020

The diplomatic edition of the Ormulum may be the first major publication of the project.

What is the Ormulum Project?

A description of the Ormulum project activities and goals.

Core fonts

These fonts are the most essential for rendering the text from the Ormulum.

Resources on the way. 28th Sept. 2020

First sets of resources available. Fonts first.

Resources of the Ormulum Project - 21st Sept 2020

The resources available on the Ormulum project website will include downloadable versions of all the manuscript texts suitable for different kinds of studies.

Blog 1 - 14th Sept 2020

The Ormulum Project website opens

Under construction

As of 14th September 2020, the Ormulum project webpage is under construction.