The International Conference on English Historical Linguistics is one of the largest and most prestigious regular conferences in our field so I was very pleased to be included. This year was the 22nd instance of this conference and it took place in Sheffield.

What was really unusual about this year's conference was that we were able to arrange a special session on the Ormulum. I've looked into it a little, and it seems like this might have been the first special session on the Ormulum at an international conference. There were nine papers, most of which were connected to an upcoming volume of collected essays. There will be more on that book later, but we thought it might be a nice idea to explain what we talked about. Since I was hosting the session, I actually gave two talks. This first one is really about how we got to where we are now, and describes a little about the manuscripts, the previous editors and the process by which we created the edition text. I'll upload the second talk, which included more original research, in a week or so.




Introduction to the Edition Talk, ICEHL 22

Introduction to the edition (1608 Kb)