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Recent publications

The most recent publications in the Department are listed below. To see a list of all publications registered in the national database DiVA, please click the following link:

Full list of publications in DiVA

Author Title Year
Stefan Helgesson, Mads Rosendahl Thomsen
Literature and the world 2020
Maria Kuteeva
Revisiting the 'E' in EMI : students' perceptions of standard English, lingua franca and translingual practices 2019
Caroline Gentens
The factive-reported distinction in English 2020
Stef Spronck, An Van linden, Caroline Gentens,
et al.
Perspective persistence and irregular perspective shift : Mismatches in form-function pairings 2020

Notes from the field on perspective-indexing constructions : Irregular shifts and perspective persistence 2020
Kathrin Kaufhold, Jeanna Wennerberg
“I need to know this in Swedish because it’s the kärnspråk” : Language Ideologies and Practices of Multilingual Students 2020

Language Perceptions and Practices in Multilingual Universities 2020
Maria Kuteeva, Kathrin Kaufhold, Niina Hynninen
Introduction : Language Perceptions and Practices in Multilingual Universities 2020
Niina Hynninen, Maria Kuteeva
Researchers’ Language Practices Concerning Knowledge Production and Dissemination : Discourses of Mono- and Multilingualism 2020
Maria Kuteeva
If not Engliish then what? Unpacking language hierarchies at university 2020
Niina Hynninen, Kathrin Kaufhold
The value of academics’ research-related online writing 2020
Giles Whiteley
The Aesthetics of Space in Nineteenth-Century British Literature, 1843-1907 2020
Helena Bodin, Stefan Helgesson, Markus Huss
Inscriptions of worldliness : linguistic materiality and the poetics of the vernacular 2020
Gregers Andersen
Climate Fiction and Cultural Analysis : A New Perspective on Life in the Anthropocene 2020
Gregers Andersen, Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen
The Urgency of a New Humanities : Sensing the Anthropocene as a State of Exception 2020
Kathrin Kaufhold
Transnational postgraduate students’ experience of voice and participation 2020
Giles Whiteley
Three French Modernists 2020
Giles Whiteley
Ruskin and Venice 2020
Giles Whiteley
'A Memnon waiting for the day' : Ancient Egypt in Aestheticism and Decadence 2020
Giles Whiteley
The Crowing Cocks in Wilde’s ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ 2020
Giles Whiteley
Mansfield, Chekhov, and the Sneezing Sheep 2020
Joakim Wrethed
“The Postmodern Genre” 2020
Raphaël Domange
Variation and change in the short vowels of Delhi English 2020
Josep Soler
University branding and the internationalization of higher education in the Baltic states : The role of language 2020
Joakim Wrethed
Ireland 2020
Joseph Siegel
Effects of notetaking instruction on intermediate and advanced L2 English learners : A quasi-experimental study 2020
Joakim Wrethed
“‘Cloud’s red, earth feeling, sky that thinks": John Banville’s Aesth/ethics : [“Nuvem vermelha, terra sentindo, ceu que pensa”: Est/etica de John Banville] 2020
Andrew Cooper
Giles Whiteley
A Swine from Epicurus's Herd : The Culinary, Aesthetic, and Erotic in Wilde and Huysmans 2019
Ying Wang
A functional analysis of text-oriented formulaic expressions in written academic discourse : Multiword sequences vs. single words 2019
Ying Wang
A corpus-based study of composite predicates in Early Modern English dialogues 2019
Heli Tissari
Zhengdao Ye (ed., 2017): The semantics of nouns. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Substantiivien moniulotteisista merkityksistä [On the multifaceted meanings of nouns].) 2019
Josep Soler, Ying Wang
Linguistic differences between well-established and predatory journals : a keyword analysis of two journals in political science 2019
Kathrin Kaufhold, Lisa McGrath
Revisiting the role of ‘discipline’ in writing for publication in two social sciences 2019

Irregular perspective shifts and perspective persistence, discourse-oriented and theoretical approaches : Special Issue 2019
Charlotta Elmgren
Let us keep going and see what comes up : The Poetics of Study in J. M. Coetzee's The Childhood of Jesus 2019
Giles Whiteley
Bertrand Russell and a Couplet on Empedocles 2019
Kathrin Kaufhold, Karin Tusting
Academic writing 2019
Joakim Wrethed
John Banville and Hugo von Hofmannsthal : Language, mundane revelation and profane sacrality 2019
Josep Soler
The multilingual landscape of higher education in the Baltic states : Exploring language policies and practices in the university space 2019
Josep Soler, Heiko F. Marten
Resistance and adaptation to newspeakerness in educational institutions : two tales from Estonia 2019
Jeroen Darquennes, Josep Soler
‘New speakers’ and language policy research : thematic and theoretical contributions to the field 2019
Josep Soler
Language policy and the internationalization of universities : A focus on Estonian higher education 2019
Josep Soler, Tim Roberts
Parents’ and grandparents’ views on home language regimes : Language ideologies and trajectories of two multilingual families in Sweden 2019
Bart Eeckhout, Maureen N. McLane, Charles Altieri,
et al.
Poems from Harmonium : Floral Decorations for Bananas and The Revolutionists Stop for Orangeade 2019
Massimo Bacigalupo, Rachel Malkin, Charles Altieri,
et al.
Poems from Transport to Summer : Two Tales of Liadoff and Analysis of a Theme 2019
Bart Eeckhout, Juliette Utard, Charles Altieri,
et al.
Late Poems : One of the Inhabitants of the West and Nuns Painting Water-Lilies 2019
Lisa Goldfarb, Tony Sharpe, Charles Altieri,
et al.
Poems from Ideas of Order : Lions in Sweden, Botanist on Alp (No. 1), and Botanist on Alp (No. 2) 2019
Charles Altieri, Edward Ragg, Massimo Bacigalupo,
et al.
Poems from The Auroras of Autumn : The Novel, Study of Images I, and Study of Images II 2019
Gül Bilge Han, Glen MacLeod, Charles Altieri,
et al.
Poems from Parts of a World : Parochial Theme and Country Words 2019


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