World Englishes, Second Edition provides you with an engaging overview of the global variations in vocabulary, grammar, phonology and pragmatics of English as it is used worldwide.

It introduces you to the principles of linguistics variation and provides coverage on the roots of English (including Scots), the spread of English, variation of English as a second language, and trends for the future.

Thoroughly updated in line with recent research, World Englishes Second Edition also includes:

  • additional material on small native communities, the anglicization of EU agencies and the effects of media exposure
  • full discussion throughout of internet-mediated communication, such as the language used on Facebook and in chat-roooms
  • descriptions of twenty-first century developing varieties such as China English
  • chapters that begin with a 'focus' question and end with a 'discussion' question to encourage you to reflect on what you are learning, chapter by chapter
  • a revised glossary of technical terms that allows you to revise meanings quickly and easily
  • 20 audio examples of speakers of native and non-native English from all five continents, available to download from

Offering a thorough and detailed descriptive account of all the main varieties of English across the globe, World Englishes, Second Edition provides a balanced discussion of political issues and the socio-linguistics background to the varieties of English spoken and written, face-to-face, on paper and online, in the twenty-first century.


Melchers Gunnel and Philip Shaw (2nd Ed 2011) World Englishes: an Introduction  Hodder: London

ISBN-13: 978-1444135374
ISBN-10: 1444135376