In this issue, Gerard Woodward pays homage to Kafka. Clark Blaise explores the mind of a dangerously precocious Indian-American girl. Ann Fisher-Wirth tweaks a Swedish proverb into a vital challenge. Ocean Vuong inhabits the fractured identities of family members after war. Mohsin Hamid talks about his writing process and film adaptation in an exclusive interview.

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Rachelle Escamilla, Changming Yuan, Mary Buchinger, Len Krisak, Frank Scozzari, Greg Moglia, Ken Pobo, Allen Qing Yuan, Colin Dodds, Randy Phillis, John Abbott, Jeffrey Alfier, John Michael Flynn

Friðrik Sólnes Jónsson, Lena Beckman, Robyn Belak
Anna Dimitrakopoulos, and Sebastian Blomstrand