A contrastive learner-corpus study of delexical verb + noun collocations

Ying Wang

This book is a valuable study set at the interface between Learner Corpus Research and Second Language Acquisition. It examines delexical verb + noun collocations such as make a decision, give rise to and take care of in Swedish and Chinese learner English. As one of the few attempts to study L1 influence in L2 production on the basis of a systematic comparison of relevant corpora, this book provides important insights into the effects of the learners’ L1 on their collocational use in relation to rule-based and usage-based accounts of language learning and processing. Quantitative and qualitative results on overuse, underuse and errors are also presented with pedagogically useful interpretations.


"This an excellent contribution to the intersecting fields of Learner Corpus Research and Second Language Acquisition. The results of the analysis are clearly described and systematically discussed in light of the most relevant and recent theories. This clarity and systematicity makes the reading of the book particularly enjoyable. The absence of a lengthy theoretical introduction is also a definite plus: the choice of using the theory to discuss the actual results based on the data-analysis, instead of meticulously setting the scene before seeing any of the data, is certainly to be appreciated." - Luciana Forti, Università per Stranieri di Perugia, on Linguist List 28. 3575 (2017)