Edited by Laura Alvarez Lopez, Charlotta Seiler Brylla, and Philip Shaw.

At the end of the last century the web was conceived of as a library where information could be posted and retrieved, so that there was a fairly clear distinction between the roles of producers and consumers of information. Since then what is called Web 2.0 has emerged as a highly interactive space where all participants are both producers and consumers. Intensive users of the virtual space find that it has changed the nature of their existence in the 'non-virtual" world. In this volume we look at the linguistic and discoursal complexities of interaction in the virtual space in relation to events and discourses outside it. Articles are written in English, French, and German, reflecting the multilingual nature of Web 2.0.


Laura Alvarez Lopez, Charlotta Seiler Brylla, Philip Shaw (eds.). 2013. Computer mediated discourse across languages. Stockholm Studies in Modern Philology New Series 16. Stockholm : Stockholm University Press.