The Ormulum used a unique orthography which combined elements both of Old English and continental writing traditions to render Orrm's local dialect.

These fonts are used to render Orrm's orthography. Since Orrm had a larger alphabet than in Modern English, some letters are represented with top-row characters such as numbers and other common symbols.


For rendering the Ormulum for linguistic examples and for ordinary purposes. Used in the critical edition text.

ormplant (46 Kb)

character map for ormplant
character map for ormplant












OrmPlant Initial

At the beginning of a new fit, a large, often heavily-written capital stretching over several lines was used. OrmPlant Initial provides these letters as well as various additional characters which complement ormplant.

OrmPlant Initial (36 Kb)


Orrmx and Orrmx 2

Orrmx is a font which represents Orrm's writing in a standardised medieval form more similar to his own script. Orrmx2 adds rarer forms and variants.

Orrmx (70 Kb)

Orrmx2 (47 Kb)

Orrmx character map
Orrmx character map












More fonts will be added in due course.