Teachers will use Zoom for lectures, workshops and seminars. Some exams will also require Zoom.

Install and log into Zoom

In order to participate in online teaching you need to install Zoom on your computer. You can also install the Zoom app on a smartphone or tablet/ipad, but it is recommended that you use a computer with a web camera.

Getting started with Zoom

When you have installed Zoom you will be able to participate in the teaching online. On the learning platform Athena, which you will get access to when you have registered for the course that you are admitted to, teachers will post more information specific to your course and the Zoom links you need to participate in all teaching.

Code of conduct when using Zoom

To create as good conditions for learning as possible, we want you to think about these matters when taking part in classes on Zoom:

  • Look for a place in a calm and quiet environment where you are undisturbed, preferably without movement in the background.
  • Prepare by copying the link for the teaching / meeting in good time before the session starts.
  • Log in well before the teaching / meeting begins so that you are ready to participate from the start.
  • Put the camera on and the microphone off (mute). Turn on the microphone when it is your turn to speak, then turn it off again. During breaks, you can turn off the camera.
  • Have the material you need, such as course literature and other materials or notes, readily accessible before the teaching / meeting starts.
  • Wait with eating until there is a break or your meeting is over.
  • It is recommended to place the computer's camera / screen at face height - a stack of books underneath usually works well.

Also keep in mind that cable connection provides a better connection than wireless or mobile connection, and that if several people use the connection at the same time, it can affect picture and sound quality.

Thank you for your co-operation on these matters to ensure our Zoom rooms are comfortable and enjoyable places to be and learn!