Many departments have bilateral exchange agreements with different Universities. If there isn’t a departmental agreement with the university or the country that you would like to study in, you can apply for one of Stockholm University’s central agreements, or you can decide to study abroad as a “free mover”.

Exchange agreements at the Department of English

The Department of English has exchange agreements with a number of universities in Britain, Hong Kong, Holland and Germany.

As a participant in the Erasmus Plus programme, supported by the European Commission, the Department currently has exchange agreements with:

We also have a bilateral agreement with:

How do I apply?

The deadline for applications for our bilateral agreements is in March, if you wish to go abroad in the autumn term, and in October, for the spring term. Exact dates will be specified ahead of each term. Prerequisites include the completion of one year’s studies (60 credits) at a Swedish university or university college, of which at least 30 credits are in English studies at Stockholm University.

Studies abroad autumn 2019

If you are interested in one of our bilateral agreements, an information meeting will be held on 21 February at 10 - 11 am in room F420.

Application form

Deadline for application: 7 March.

If you are interested in participating in one of our exchange programmes, you can contact our student counsellor or the Student Affairs Office for further information.

Erasmus+ exchange studies in the UK and Brexit

We have received indications from our partners in the UK that they will be doing their best to continue honoring our partnership agreements in the wake of the Brexit vote on 30 March. Students who are considering applying for placements in the UK for the autumn 2019, should however, be aware that complications might arise following the vote.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal (a “no deal” scenario) on 30 March then it is entirely possible that Erasmus+ agreements with the UK become void and that the Erasmus+ program will no longer be in operation from that date.

The European Commission has a contingency proposal in the area of the Erasmus+ programme that would ensure that students who are currently studying in the UK would be able to complete their stay without interruption. However, there is no information about what to expect for the upcoming term (autumn 2019).

In the case of a “no-deal” scenario, the Department of English plans to negotiate new bilateral exchange agreements with our partners in the UK, but it is uncertain whether such agreements can be in place and active before next term.  

Stockholm University exchange agreement

Stockholm University also has exchange agreements with a number of universities and countries outside of Europe, such as Australia, Canada, New Zeeland and the USA. Information about these programmes and how you apply is available on the Stockholm University central website.

Free mover

You can also decide to study abroad on your own as a ‘free mover’ (that is, not through one of the University’s exchange programmes). As a ‘free mover’ you decide where you want to study and for how long, but you need to arrange it yourself, and you will be liable to potential fees in the country in question.

Information on studying in the UK can be obtained from the British Council in Stockholm. Students interested in studying in the USA can obtain information from the Sweden-America Foundation.