Specific information on how you register for the courses is made available on our website ahead of each term, at the end of December and June respectively. Registration usually takes place the week before term starts but be sure to find out the exact dates for registration by reading the relevant information.

Instructions for registration on our courses are available under the tab 'Education’ > ‘Courses' or 'Programmes'. Look for the courses that you have been admitted to and read the instructions carefully. An email is also sent out to all admitted students, directing you to the relevant information.

Web registration

For all our courses, you register online. To do so you need to have an activated university account. When it is activated you will receive a user name and a password giving you access to Ladok for students, where you will register.

If you have been conditionally accepted to a course, you have to contact us to find out which conditions need to be met in order to register.