Does not apply to students starting English I in HT18; please see the English I HT18 course plan (ENGE01).

Dates for re-examination on English I (ENGE01) are specified in the course description of each module. For other courses, if you didn't complete your coursework during a given term and missed the original deadline of submission, late submission of coursework will be accepted on specified dates only. The dates are as follows: 15 January, 15 April, 15 August and 15 November. Make sure you contact your teacher for instructions if you need to submit overdue coursework. Note that it can take up to three weeks before you will receive your grade from the teacher.

If it is a while since you took the course and your teacher is no longer at our Department, contact our study counsellor for instructions on if and how you can complete the course or unit. Please note that if a course is no longer given, the course syllabi specifies that you will be offered an opportunity to complete the course for three consecutive terms following its discontinuation. For written formal exams, one retake session per term for three consecutive terms following its discontinuation will be offered - see exams and retakes.