Stockholm University uses the Bologna model for grades and credits. A seven-point grading scale (A-F) is used. In order to pass the course or a course unit, the grade E or higher is required. The grades Fx and F are failing grades. There are some examinations in which the grading scale used is Pass (P) or Fail (F) (or G for 'godkänd' and U for 'underkänd'). Information on grading scales and assessments is included in the course/module description.

Some courses have more than one module (see the courseplan for details). In order to pass the course, the grade E or higher is required on all modules. The total course grade is calculated by weighing the grades from the modules according to the module credits.

Students who receive a grade E or higher cannot retake a written exam ("salstentamina"), or re-do the course or module, to obtain a higher grade. Information about retaking a written exam is available on the schedules for each term - also see "exams and retakes". Note that if you receive the grade ‘Fx’ on a written exam, you need to retake the whole exam, not only parts of it. The Student Affairs Office can assist you if you have queries about retaking a written exam.

If you do not receive a passing grade for a course unit that requires attendance and other course work, contact your teacher or our study counsellor who will give you instructions. You can always contact our student counsellor for advice and information if you are unsure about what you need to do to complete a course. Also see information on submitting late coursework.


We aim to have all grades reported within 15 working days after an examination. Once the results have been reported, the grade will be available on Ladok, provided you have done all the examination assignments for the module/course.

Written formal exams will be available for collection at the Student Affairs Office during office hours. For instructions on picking up other forms of assessments (e.g. essays), speak with your teacher. Equally, contact your teacher if you have any questions on why you can't see a grade on Ladok (once grades have been finalised), why you have not received a passing grade, or if you have any other questions about your grade.

Grade review

As stipulated in the Higher Education Ordinance, you cannot appeal a grade (HF 12 kap, 2 and 4§§). However, if there has been a clear mistake in grading in relation to the grading criteria and/or exam key, you may request the examiner to do a review of your grade. In order to do that, please fill in the grade review request form below and return to the Director of Studies.