Information about the forms of examination for each course and module is specified in the courseplan and the course/module description. If you have any questions about the examination for the course or module you are taking, ask your teacher. Each term when a course/module is given, there are two opportunities to take any examination.

Signing up for written exams (salstentor)

Unless otherwise specified, it is mandatory to sign up for written exams (salstentor) in Ladok, and the sign-up normally closes 8 days before the exam. We recommend that you sign up for all the exams for your course at the beginning of the term. The sign-up for retake exams is normally opened once the grades for the first exam that term have been reported. The exam grades are reported within 15 working days after an examination.

You sign up for exams in Ladok. Should you not be able to make it to an exam that you have registered for, please deregister in Ladok. If you missed the sign-up deadline for an exam, you have to wait for the re-take.

Exam rules

It is mandatory to have a valid photo ID with you for all exams. You will not be allowed to take the exam if you do not have valid ID. Make sure you read and respect the exam rules before each exam (see attachment). 

Exam results

Exam grades are reported within 15 working days after an examination. Once the results have been reported, the grade will be available on Ladok, provided you have done all the examination assignments for the particular module/course. Written exams will be available for collection at the Student Affairs Office during opening hours. If you have not picked up your exam within two years, it will be discarded.

Please note that:

 - for some courses or modules the exam is not the only form of assessment (check your course/module description for details). Contact your teacher if you have any questions on why you can't see a grade on Ladok or why you have not received a passing grade.

- if you receive a failing grade (F or Fx) for an exam, you will need to take the whole exam again (not only parts of it), unless otherwise specified in the module description.

Re-taking an exam

If you do not receive a passing grade for a written exam, then you can make a new attempt whenever that exam is offered. Remember to sign-up for the exam in Ladok! If you are doing the exam in a later term than the term you took the course, you need to re-register for the course in order to sign-up for the exam in Ladok. Contact the Student Affairs Office in order to re-register.

In case your course is discontinued or the course syllabus has changed, then you will be offered one retake opportunity per term for three terms following the discontinuation of the course. 

As specified in the courseplans, students who receive a grade E or higher on an exam may not retake the exam to obtain a higher grade. Note that if you receive the grade ‘Fx’ for an exam, you will need to take the whole exam again (not only parts of it).