If you no longer intend to take a course after having registered, you must actively de-register yourself from the course at the start of the term / course. Please log in to Ladok and follow the instructions to de-register. Failure to de-register within the first three weeks of the course will imply that you have used up your place on that course and you will no longer be able to apply for it through the University Admissions website (

If you are unable to continue your studies at any point during the term, it is important that you contact us so that we can de-register you from that date to confirm that you are no longer active. Please send an email to the Student Affairs Office (, giving your name and personal identity number, and we will de-register you.

Some of our courses require an attendance of at least 80% (see the courseplan), which means that you are unable to complete the course if you miss too many seminars. 


If you have been registered on a course before but did not complete all the credits and want to do so, please send an email to the Student Affairs Office, giving your name and Swedish national identification number (or T- / P-number), and we will contact you.

We will re-register you for the course should you wish to sit any retake exams. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that you can participate in the teacher-led parts of the course that you have previously been registered for. Thus, if you need to be placed in a seminar group we will only be able to re-register you on the course if there are places available that term.