Application procedure

Apply online via Ladok for students.

Log in with your university account, click on Apply for and Crediting.

Provide the name and course code of the course(s) you have already studied, and the name and course code of the course(s) you want it/them to be credited for.

Attach the following supporting documents as PDF-files:

Official Transcript of Records in the original language and an authorized English translation. The transcript must show your grades and information on grading scales.

Detailed course syllabus or equivalent detailed course description from the term when the course was taken. Information on the level and extent of the studies as well as forms of examination should be included, and a reading list if available.

  • If you wish to transfer credits from exchange studies, please enclose your Learning Agreement from Stockholm University but you do not need to include course syllabi.
  • If you are applying to transfer credits taken within the Department of English, you do not need to include course syllabi in your application.


Further information on credit transfers

A course cannot be included twice in a degree, so if a course is transferred and used in a degree, the original course cannot be used again within that same degree.

Please note that CSN will not approve funding for credits that have been transferred.

A credit transfer decision can take up to two months. Once a decision has been made, applicants will be informed in writing. A rejection decision can be appealed. An approved decision will be documented in Ladok and cannot be changed.

If you have questions about your application process, please contact:

If you have questions about planning your credit transfers, please contact: