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If you have unfinished credits from a course that is no longer given, contact the Student Affairs Office at the start of term (31 August) to find out if it is possible to re-register and complete the missing modules. For some courses, you may need to speak to the study counsellor.

Please note that we receive many emails in conjunction with the start of term and it may take a while before we can respond to requests about re-registration.

Re-examination schedules

Re-examination dates are offered, during a limited period of time, on the following courses.

English I, HT20 (pdf) (1046 Kb)

English 2, HT20 (pdf) (1042 Kb)

English 2 for teaching, HT20 (pdf) (1040 Kb)

ENGL46, HT20 (pdf) (1035 Kb)

Only one re-examination date is offered per term. Sign up for written exams must be done through Ladok but contact Student Affairs Office to re-register and get access to previous course material. Make sure you read the information in the exam schedules and, if relevant to the exam you wish to take, the home exam procedures (see attachment).

Optional modules: contact the Student Affairs Office by 15 September to enquire if a re-examination for a written exam can still be offered.

Submission of late written assignments

If you didn't complete your written assignments (for example an essay) or received a failing grade on courses / modules that are no longer offered, resubmission of such assignments will be accepted on specified dates only. The dates are as follows: 15 January, 15 April, 15 August and 15 November. Send the written assignment to the teacher's email on one of the dates. If the teacher does not work at the department anymore, send the assignment to the Director of Studies. Note that it can take up to three weeks before you will receive your grade from the teacher.

If it has been a while since you took the course, contact the Student Affairs Office for instructions on if and how you can complete the course or module. Note that for courses that are no longer given, you are only able to complete the course for three consecutive terms following its discontinuation.