Attendance is expected for all scheduled teaching (seminars, lectures and workshops). If attendance is obligatory, this is specified in the course plan (and course/module description) of the course that you are registered for.

If your course has obligatory attendance for all seminars and you are unable to attend, contact your teacher. They can assign you the required make-up work for missed attendance or refer you to an identical seminar in another group. However, if you don't fulfill the attendance requirement specified in the course plan, it means that you will not be able to pass the course/module. Make sure you speak with your teacher if you have questions about the attendance requirement.

In the event of longer-term absence, you need to contact our study counsellor. It is of course also important that you inform CSN ('The Swedish National Board of Student Aid') if you are receiving grants or student loans.

For other issues concerning attendance, see the Regulations for Exams at Stockholm University.