English IV for teaching at Upper Secondary Schools (EN04GY) is an advanced level course consisting of two modules (7.5 credits each) and a degree project (15 credits). Students will choose from a range of modules / courses at advanced level in English literature or in English linguistics which are offered each term. The degree project should also be in the chosen specialisation (linguistics OR literature) and have relevance to the teaching profession.

  • The courses aim at further developing the students’ understanding of literary / linguistic concepts, analyses and methodology within the chosen field of linguistics or literature, as well as their ability to apply these on relevant authentic material. Each module will have a series of seminars.
  • The purpose of the degree project is to give the students the opportunity to independently identify and formulate a research question within a chosen field of study in linguistics or literature and to seek, collect, evaluate and interpret relevant information in relation to this research question and present this in a research paper. Students will attend some seminars related to the degree project.

Course plan

Information autumn term 2019

  • Register for the course online through Ladok. Web registration will be open between 6 and 20 August. Please note that you need to fulfill the eligibilty criteria in order to register online. See course plan for information on the eligibility criteria.
  • Planned modules / courses at advanced level - in English literature and in English linguistics. Please see each specialisation for schedules and module information. Students will take one module in period 1 (AB) and one module in period 2 (CD), as well as the degree project, within their chosen specialisation.

Module placements

Students due to take the course were asked to submit their preference for the degree project specialisation in May. An online form will subsequently be sent out at the beginning of August to ask for topic suggestions within the chosen specialisation, as well as preference of modules. Placements in modules will be confirmed in August, in conjunction with the start of term, as it will depend on the allocation of supervisors as well as on eligibilty. Places in some modules may be limited.

After registration and when the allocation in modules is done, students will get access to Mondo, where course material from teachers will be made available. You will get information on who your degree project supervisor is at the first seminar with the coordinators for each specialisation - linguistics or literature (see the schedule for details).


If you have practical questions, you are welcome to come in on Monday 19 August between 1 - 2 pm (room E832). If you are interested in speaking to a specific teacher, please contact them in advance to see when they will be available. For questions on degree project topics, please contact the degree project coordinators in August.

Coordinator (literature): Giles Whiteley

Coordinator (linguistics): Mikko Höglund