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Information spring term 2020

  • Web registration is mandatory and will be open between 7 and 13 January. You register through Ladok. The eligibility criteria for the course are stipulated in the course plan.

Optional module placements

Information will be sent out at the end of December to students due to take the course, who will be asked to submit their preference in terms of specialisation (English literature or English linguistics) by 8 January. Through an online form students will be asked to submit topic suggestions within the chosen specialisation, as well as preference of optional module. Placements in optional modules will be confirmed in January, in conjunction with the start of term, as it will depend on the allocation of supervisors as well as on eligibilty.

After registration and when the allocation in optional modules is done, you will get access to Athena, where course material from teachers will be made available. You will get information on who your degree project supervisor is at the first seminar with the coordinators for each specialisation - linguistics or literature (see the schedule for details).


If you have practical or administrative questions, such as on how to fill in the online form, please contact our Student Affairs Office.

If you are interested in speaking to a specific teacher, please contact them in advance to see when they will be available. For questions on degree project topics, please contact the degree project coordinators in August.