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Schedules spring 2020

Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 5

Schedules are subject to some change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The schedule for the first module is the same for all groups (so you can click on either of the links to see the schedule for the first period). Group allocation for modules 2 and 3, starting later in the term, will be announced before the start of term. For the last module (English in the Classroom) you will be divided into groups by the teachers. See the information under "Course description" for details on the different modules.

Information spring term 2020

  • Web registration is mandatory and will be open between 7 and 13 January. You register through Ladok / My Studies. The eligibility criteria for the course are stipulated in the course plan.
  • After registration you will get access to Athena, where course material from teachers will be made available.
  • Group placements: Students will be placed in even sized groups after the registration has closed, as it will depend on the number of registered students. Your group placement will be communicated to you through Athena.