Before the course starts you have to:

1. Activate your university account

2. Register

3. Notify us if you have a group preference

Remember that if you don't register before the specified deadline, your place will be offered to another student.

1. University account

In order to register online for your course you need to have an activated university account. If you don’t have an activated university account, you can activate it online from 4 January. If you are an international student and don't have a Swedish national identification number ("personnummer"), please read the instructions on the Stockholm University website on how to activate your account.

2. Registration

Registration is mandatory. You can register online if you have an activated university account and are accepted without conditions. Online registration for courses will be open between 4 January (after 12 noon) and 8 January.

In order to register, proceed as follows:
· Enter and click 'My Studies'.
· Log in using the user name and password of your university web account.
· Click ‘Course registration’ and follow further instructions.

3. Group preference

You will be taking the course together with students within the 4-6 teacher programme at Stockholm University,  and there are three groups. Schedules are available on our website. If you have a group preference, send an email to with your preference when you have registered. Email us by 5 January at the latest; however, please note that we cannot guarantee a place in a specific group as it will depend on the number of students registering for the course. You will get access to the Mondo site for your group in January.