There are different alternatives for students taking a third term of English as part of their Teacher Training Programme:

At basic level

EN03H8, 30 credits (four courses, or two courses and a degree project)

EN06V0, 15 credits (degree project)

At advanced level

EN04V0, 30 credits (four courses)

EN05V0, 15 credits (two courses)

EN07DP, 15 credits (degree project)

Our student counsellor is able to advise you on the courses appropriate for you.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the course English for Teaching III, you need to have completed the 30 HEC credits from English for teaching I and a minimum of 22.5 HEC credits from English for Teaching II.

Information autumn term 2015:

We are no longer giving the above courses. For questions, please contact our study counsellor.

If you are missing optional course(s) at English III level, we will be having registration and course selection for English III on 19 August between 2-4 pm in room E824. You are welcome to fill in the attached course selection form and come in on that day. We can re-register you and place you in optional courses if space allows.