The course is part of the Teacher Training Programmes (Upper Secondary School) that started at Stockholm University in the autumn 2011.

The course is given in collaboration with the Department of Language Education, and has the following aims:
- to improve students' oral and written proficiency in English, with partial focus on academic reading and writing;
- to introduce students to the theory and practice of basic literary criticism;
- to introduce linguistic concepts and apply them to English texts;
- to familiarise students with second-language learning and teaching, and to introduce different methodologies in the field of Language Education.

It consists of four course units:

  • Language Proficiency is practised in a seminar series on Academic Reading and Writing, as well as throughout the term both in the lectures and seminars of the literary and the linguistic course units.
  • The Literature Studies course unit consists of a lecture series and a seminar series introducing students to English literatures and basic literary analysis.
  • The Linguistics course unit consists of lectures on linguistic concepts and a seminar series teaching students to observe language phenomena and to understand analytic concepts.
  • In Language Education the students learn to reflect on different methods of second-language teaching.

Syllabus (Note: please refer to the updated course literature for each term below)

More information on the overall Teacher Training Programme is available on the Department of Language Education website.

Information spring term 2018: