The course is part of the Teacher Training Programme and has the following aims:
- to improve students' oral and written proficiency in English;
- to introduce students to the theory and practice of basic literary criticism;
- to introduce linguistic concepts and apply them to English texts;
- to familiarise students with second-language learning and teaching, and to introduce different methodologies in the field of Language Education.

It consists of four course units:

  • Language Proficiency is practised throughout the term both in the lectures and seminars of the literary and the linguistic course units.
  • The Literature Studies course unit consists of a lecture series and a seminar series introducing students to English literatures and basic literary analysis.
  • The Linguistics course unit consists of lectures on linguistic concepts and a seminar series teaching students to observe language phenomena and to understand analytic concepts.
  • The Language Education part consists of school placement and individual projects tied to a two week student visit to an English speaking country.

Syllabus (Note: please refer to the updated course literature for each term below)

We are no longer giving the course EN01H8. For questions, please contact our study counsellor.