This course is part of the new Teacher Training Programmes (Primary School) that started at Stockholm University in the spring of 2012.

Course aims

The course is given in collaboration with the Department of Language Education, and has the following aims:
- to improve your oral and written proficiency in English, with particular emphasis on pronunciation and fluency in the classroom
- to introduce you to common learner difficulties in English and how to deal with them in the classroom
- to introduce you to theories about and methodologies in second language learning and how to integrate them into classroom teaching in English
- to present various digital tools for your own further learning and teaching in English
- to improve your ability to read and discuss your professional literature in English

Course units

The course itself consists of four course units:
Pronunciation, which will give you a better grasp of your own English pronunciation and ensure that it is adequate for teaching, and what to work further on (given by the Department of Language Education);
English Grammar and Vocabulary, which will help you bring your written and spoken English up to an adequate professional standard (given by the Department of English);
Proficiency and Language Theory, which will work with major trouble spots in learning English, and help you read about and discuss educational matters in professional contexts in English. We will also work with tools to help your own future learning and teaching (given by the Department of English);
English in the Classroom, where you will practice using English in everyday and professional situations, while studying theories about learning English as a second language, language curricula, and the application of esthetic learning processes and IT to the early classroom years (given by the Department of Language Education).

Syllabus (from spring 2014)

More information about your Teacher Training Programme as a whole is available on the Department of Language Education website.

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