Application and admission

Vacancies for postgraduate studies are normally announced twice a year on the Stockholm University home page ( and on our Departmental website although this will depend on the number of available postgraduate positions. Application deadlines are 15 April and 15 October for entry the following semester, with available posts announced one month before the deadline.


An applicant fulfills the special eligibility requirements for doctoral studies in English if he or she:
1. has received a passing grade on course work of at least 30 higher education credits in English at the advanced level, including a thesis of at least 15 higher education credits.
2. can document proficiency in English as measured by one of the following internationally recognized language proficiency tests: the TOEFL, including TWE, with a result of at least 630 points (written test), 267 points (computer-based test)/109 points (internet-based test);  Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (A or B); or the IELTS with a total score of at least 7.5 (and no part below 7); or an equivalent.

Complete documentation from previous studies is essential in order to determine eligibility. To be admitted to the programme you must also hand in copies of your theses (Bachelor and advanced level) or the equivalent as well as a research plan.

Students who have not previously completed their degree in English Studies at a Swedish or other Nordic university should send in documentary evidence of English proficiency that is not older than 2 years. We ask for documentation of proficiency from all candidates, irrespective of national origin.


When applying for postgraduate studies you must have guaranteed financing for the four years the programme involves. In some cases the Department may consider students who have guaranteed financing for only the first two years. This financing is normally based either on one of the departmental research posts or, to some extent, on external scholarships such as the Wallenberg or Ahlström-Terseus grants. If you have guaranteed financing from your home country for four (or two) years, acceptance to our postgraduate studies will be decided by the Faculty Board.

Among eligible applicants with guaranteed financing, selection is highly competitive.