Professional English I forms part of the Professional Language Programme which is jointly run by the Department of English and the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism.

The course has three parallel overarching aims:

- to improve students' oral and written proficiency in English,
- to introduce students to the theory and practice of professional communication in English,
- to introduce linguistic concepts and apply them to professional discourse in English.

The course consists of three course units: Language Proficiency, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and Linguistics.

  • Language Proficiency is practiced throughout the term both in the lectures and seminars.
  • The ESP course unit consists of a lecture series and a seminar series introducing students to professional uses of English in international contexts.
  • The LA course unit consists of lectures on linguistic concepts and a seminar series teaching students to observe language phenomena and to understand analytic concepts.


Coordinator: Beyza Björkman, Director of Studies, CAE

This course is only given in the spring terms. For questions, please contact our administration.

Information spring term 2018: