The course engages students in the theory on trans-nationality which aims to lead students to valuable analyses of, as well as the production of, transnational work. It broadens the discussion of how the transnational starting point stands in relation to the development of fiction and creative non-fiction. The course further focuses on questions about the impact of globalization, local heritage, as well as nationalism and patriotism, have on writing within these genres. Other key themes are the market's impact on transnational work, eg, how “border-crossing” in literature can be used as an advantage or disadvantage in global marketing.


This course is only open to students within the MA programme in English, with a specialisation in Transnational Creative Writing.

Coordinator: Adnan Mahmutovic

Information autumn term 2018

  • Registration: online registration for admitted students will be open between 10 - 21 August through Ladok.
  • Schedule. Note that the schedule is subject to change, in case of unforeseen circumstances.