This course aims to provide students with a broad understanding of different research methods in Applied Linguistics. The seminars and the activities in this course are designed to help students develop their abilities to collect and analyze various forms of data, and the overall approach is very hands-on. Different teachers in the department will teach seminars on aspects of research connected to their expertise, through a practical approach that aims to foster students’ understanding but also experience of how research methods can be applied to different issues and contexts. The course will cover topics such as project design, collection and analysis of qualitative/quantitative data, interview methods, analysis of spoken discourse, teacher research, corpus research, and data presentation.  Students will learn to adapt and justify relevant research methods to different research topics and research questions in applied linguistics domains; they will learn about and practice different approaches to data collection,  analysis and presentation, and will ultimately learn to plan and design a research project that is motivated by previous research, research methods, and their own research questions.

Syllabus and application

Given in period 1

Coordinator: Kathrin Kaufhold

Information spring term 2019:

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  • Schedule. The schedule is preliminary and subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Course literature: Dörnyei, Z. (2007). Research Methods in Applied Linguistics: Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methodologies. ISBN-13: 978-0194422581