Before the course starts you have to:

1. Register
2. Select your group

Remember that if you don't register before the specified deadline, your place will be offered to another student.

1. Registration

You can register online if you have an activated university account and are accepted without conditions. Online registration for courses at advanced level will be open between 4 January (after 12 noon) and 8 January.

In order to register, proceed as follows:
· Enter and click 'My Studies'.
· Log in using the user name and password of your university web account.
· Click ‘Course registration’ and follow further instructions.

If you are conditionally accepted, please contact the Student Affairs Office before 5 January so that we can check your eligibility and determine whether you can take the course in the spring term.

If you don’t have an activated university account, you can activate it online from 4 January. International students, without a Swedish personal identity number (“personnummer”), need to visit the Infocenter to receive a one-time code to activate your account. For other IT related questions, please contact the IT helpdesk. Contact details and information - in Swedish and in English.

2. Group selection

When you have completed your registration you need to select a group. This is done on the platform Mondo between 4 January, 3 pm and 8 January, 6 pm. The number of places in each group is limited. If a certain group is missing it is already full. Please note that there may be a delay of a few hours after registration before you can access Mondo so if you can't see the site for your course when you log in, try again a little later.

If you are admitted to take the course in Period 1 (January - March), you can choose: ACE1 OR ACE2.

If you are admitted to Period 2 (March - June), you can choose: ACE, 3 ACE4, OR ACE5.

Schedules are available on our website.

Students within the following MA programmes at Stockholm University do not need to choose group on Mondo but will be manually placed in a group that fits with their other studies:

International Master's Program in Curating (students will be placed in ACE2, period 1)

Master's Programme in Journalism (students will be placed in ACE5, period 2)

Other students should select a group by proceeding as follows:
- Enter and click ’Mondo’.
- Log in using the user name and password of your university web account.
- Choose the “English for Academic Research” tab.
- Click on ‘Section Info’ in the menu to the left. You will now see the groups.
- Select a group by clicking on the button to the right marked “join”.

You may change your choice of group until 8 January, 6 pm.