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Most of us have some sort of idea of what postmodernism and postmodernity are. Whether we think of it primarily as a way of describing certain modes of cultural expression (Intertexuality? Pastiche? Experimental narrative?), a logic of a political and economic system (the end of ideology? The dissolution of grand narratives?), or a form of periodization (it is called “post” after all – does that simply mean it comes after Modernism?), or perhaps nothing that has much to do with literature and culture at all (architecture? History? Geography?), postmodernism and postmodernity are terms that are frequently used for example in media, at museum exhibitions, and, of course, in academic studies and research. The Master course Approaches to Postmodernism (7.5 hp) focuses on central discussions regarding the aesthetic, narratological, theoretical, and historical definitions of these concepts. Taking the course will give you a broad and deepened understanding of central literary and theoretical concepts associated with postmodernism.

Responsible teacher: Joakim Wrethed

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Information spring term 2020

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