In Aesthetics & Craft I, the students will engage with advanced levels of reading and analysing literature from the point of view of creative practice. This course will provide a solid basis for critical evaluation necessary for student’s own creative writing as well as any editorial work on other people’s texts. Students will study contemporary and classical works written in English or translations of world literature, as well as craft-related texts, which will be assigned at the beginning of the term. The aim is to introduce the students to a wide range of literatures in relation to which they will reevaluate and expand their aesthetic preferences and preconceived notions on writing techniques. This course will cover the most common truisms and dogmas of creative writing as well as the ways in which these dogmas have been successfully contested. We will deal with issues such as tradition and innovation, craft and authenticity.

Teachers: Adnan Mahmutovic

Given in period 1

Syllabus and application