This interdepartmental course covers a range of critical theories and methodologies that inform contemporary literary criticism. The course introduces students to key critical terms and concepts, major thinkers, and several important issues in literary criticism and theory. We will read theoretical and critical texts as well as selected literary texts in order to develop practical research methods for literary scholarship. Students should expect to complete several short writing assignments and a final exam. The course aims to clarify the relationship between theory and methodology, by addressing larger questions such as: What does literature do? What functions does it have? Where and how do we locate the “meaning“ in literary texts?

Note: This is the optional course OC61 that we give within English III / the English BA course so students that have already taken the course with us within their English studies cannot apply to take the course again.

The course will run throughout the term (that is, it is not concentrated to period 1 or 2 only)

Course coordinator: Irina Rasmussen

Syllabus and application

Information autumn term 2017:

Information spring term 2018:

Please note that the schedule is subject to change, in case of unforeseen circumstances.