English III for teaching English as a second subject (EN03G2) consists of one mandatory module, Culture Studies, an optional module where students can choose from the range of optional modules in literature studies and linguistics which are offered each term, and a degree project within linguistics or literature.

  • The Culture Studies module is centred around a selection of culturally important texts, literary texts as well as television, movies or commercials, and aims at developing the students’ understanding of these texts and how they can use similar material in their teaching.
  • The optional module aims at developing the students’ understanding of literary / linguistic concepts, analyses and methodology within the chosen field (linguistics OR literature), and their ability to apply these on relevant authentic material.
  • The purpose of the degree project is to give the students the opportunity to independently identify and formulate a research question within a chosen field of study in linguistics or literature and to seek, collect, evaluate and interpret relevant information in relation to this research question and present this in a research paper. Please note that for a literary degree project your optional module should be in literature and for a linguistic degree project your optional module should be in linguistics.


The English 3 courses have been revised and this course is no longer offered.

Students who are due to complete the degree project within the course from a previous term have received information via email.


Meetings with the assigned supervisor will be set up individually. The exact schedule (dates and times) for the ventilation seminars at the end of term will depend on the number of participating students.

Degree project in linguistics

Degree project in literature

Deadline to post degree project on Mondo for examination: 20 December.