The course comprises four modules relevant to the study of English language literature and linguistics. This includes strategies for learning as well as academic writing.

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Schedules autumn 2018

All schedules are subject to some change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Information autumn term 2018

  • You have to register on time to keep your place. The web registration will be open between 10 - 21 August. Follow the instruction for registration.
  • After registration you will get access to the University's online learning management system Mondo, where course material from teachers will be made available and you will be able to communicate with fellow students and teachers. All students will be placed in groups after the registration has closed. Your group placement will be communicated to you through Mondo.
  • New student? Make sure you read the Stockholm University guides for new students to help you ensure that your studies begin as smoothly as possible.

English I within programmes

English I is part of some Bachelor's Programmes and Teacher Education Programmes at Stockholm University. If you have been accepted to one of those programmes where you study English I in your first term, you will receive information about the programme from the responsible Department. Make sure you read that carefully and contact them if you have questions about the overall programme.

Teacher Education Programme: Department of Language Education (for English as a first subject)

Bachelor's Programme in Language Studies: Department of Romance Studies and Classics

Bachelor's Programme in Language and Translation Studies: The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies


If you have been placed on the waiting list for English I, we will contact you via email if we can offer you a place. Make sure that your contact details on are up to date.