Building on skills acquired in English I and English II, the course gives students the opportunity for more in depth study of different aspects of English language literature. The course comprises two optional modules and a Bachelor degree project module.

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Information spring term 2020

  • You have to register on time to keep your place. The web registration will be open between 7 and 13 January. Follow the instructions for registration.
  • New student? Make sure you read the Stockholm University information for new students to help you ensure that your studies begin as smoothly as possible.

Optional module placements

Information to admitted students will be sent out at the end of December, asking for preferences of optional modules and topic for the degree project. The deadline for submitting preferences is 8 January. We will confirm optional module placements in conjunction with the start of term, as it will depend on the allocation of supervisors, number of registered students and on eligibilty. In January you will also get access to the Mondo / Athena sites for the modules you've been placed in. You will get information on who your supervisor is at the first seminar for the degree project seminar series (see the schedule for details).


If you have practical or administrative questions, such as on how to fill in the online form, please contact our Student Affairs Office.

If you are interested in speaking to a specific teacher, please contact them in advance to see when they will be available. For questions on degree project topics, please contact the degree project coordinator in January.