A Bachelor of Arts Degree consists of 180 credits (three years of full-time studies) with at least 90 credits in a main field of study, including a degree project of at least 15 credits. Three terms of English studies can constitute a major in a Bachelor's Degree. NB: courses have to be completed to be included in a degree. Further information on the requirements for a degree is available on the University website - in English and in Swedish.

If you are studying English as part of a programme, please read the information at the bottom of this page.

The following courses are currently offered:

Term 1

English I (ENGE01), 30 credits

Term 2

English II (ENGE02), 30 credits

Term 3

English Bachelor's courses, including a degree project: English Bachelor's Thesis - Linguistics (ENBAS3), 30 credits or English Bachelor's Thesis - Literature (ENBAL3), 30 credits.

English 3, not including a degree project but for students interested in further complementary studies within the subject: English III - linguistics (ENGE3S), 15 credits, or English III - literature (ENGE3L), 15 credits.

Other courses

We have a number of part-time courses that are offered if resources allow, such as:

The courses that are offered a given term will be open for application through www.antagning.se.

Courses within programmes

Students within the following programmes should refer to the specific information for their courses (follow below links):