The Department of English is a leading international centre for studies in English literature and linguistics. We have a number of exchange agreements with universities in Europe and in Hong Kong. We also welcome students who are on exchange agreements with other Departments at Stockholm University to take courses with us.

If you are a Stockholm based student interested in studying abroad, please refer to our Study Abroad information.

Course options

30 credits per term constitutes full time studies. Below are courses that we offer at the Department of English. For courses offered by other departments, please refer to their websites or the Stockholm University course catalogue.

When choosing your courses, you should ensure that they will be approved by your home university for a credit transfer. You should also select some alternative courses as schedule clashes may occur and we may not be able to guarantee a place on all courses.

Undergraduate level

The following courses will be offered during 2021/2022:

  • Modules within English 1: Introduction to English, Reading Literature, Linguistics 1, and Academic Reading and Writing in English, 7.5 credits each. Module information
  • Modules within English 2: Linguistics 2A, Literary Cultures 1340-1832, Linguistics 2B, Literary Cultures 1832-Now, 7.5 credits each. Module information.
  • Modules within English 3: students may choose from a changing list of modules in English literature and English linguistics, which draw on the research interests of our members of staff. Modules spring 2022.
  • Spring term 2022: Science Fiction in Literary History and Popular Culture (15 credits)

Please note that information about teaching forms for the spring term 2022 is available our website

Students interested in English 2 or English 3 modules should send their transcripts with their course selection form, as some previous studies in English literature and / or linguistics is required.

Advanced level

If places allow, students at Master's level can apply for our courses at advanced level. Transcripts need to be submitted with the course application in order to establish eligibility (see below on how to apply).

Applying for our courses

Exchange students interested in taking courses with the Department of English should contact us on and we will send you an online course selection form.

Students who apply for courses requiring background knowledge of the subject will be requested to send in transcripts from the English courses taken at their home universities (see above information with regards to our different courses).

If you have any questions about your course selection, please contact us at

Registration before the start of term

If you are eligible and there are available places, you will be admitted and registered to the course before the term starts (exact dates to be confirmed).

Make sure that you check schedules for courses so that there are no clashes between courses that you would like to take.