Admitted students

After the deadline for applications has passed, the applications will be processed. Applicants will be notified of the results from the first round of selection in the middle of July if they have applied for the autumn term, and in the middle of December for the spring term. (International students outside the EU/EEA should refer to for information on dates and deadlines).

If you are admitted to a course or offered a place on the waiting list, it is very important that you reply to this offer in order to keep your place. If you fail to do so, you will lose your place. Instructions about what you need to do are available on and on

Results from the second round of selections are made available at the beginning of August and at the beginning of January respectively. There is no need to respond to this admissions offer.

Information from the Department of English is sent out via email to all admitted students at the beginning of August and at the beginning of January respectively. Please note that information will not be sent out via post. The information includes specific information about the course and, importantly, how to register.

Waiting list and additional places

A late application can be made through to courses and programmes that are still open for late applications. Any questions about your late application should be directed to the Admission's Office at Stockholm University.

After registration, any additional places will be allocated on a specified date ahead of each term. We cannot, however, guarantee that there will be places available on all our courses.

Places will first be allocated to students who have made a late application and been placed on the waiting list. Re-registration on courses from previous terms will be only be possible if places allow.