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Centre for Academic English

University education is experiencing a period of intense and rapid globalization. Parallel to the globalization of many industries, we have also seen the impact of internationalization on universities worldwide in recent years. Today, the global language of the university is English, and the vast majority of academic publishing in most disciplines takes place in that language.



Our vision

The Centre for Academic English aims to ensure high standards of academic English throughout Stockholm University. We seek to ensure that everyone’s work at Stockholm University meets the expectations of the international academic community by
• providing specially designed courses in English for academic, research and professional purposes;
• conducting research on English as an academic and professional language across different disciplines;
• offering language support. 


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Director of Studies
Beyza Björkman
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 35 93

Translation and proofreading

Ezra Alexander

Patrik Ekström Mezek

Visiting address
8th Floor
E House, Södra Husen
Stockholm University

Postal address
Department of English
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm