English for Academic Research, 7.5 hp course for master’s students, focusing on Dissertation writing, taught on a compulsory basis to all MA students in the Humanities. Students from other faculties and institutions can enroll too.

• English for Professional Research, 7.5 hp course for PhD students, focusing on the Research Article; tailor-made on request by individual departments or institutions.

Watch a short interview with Professor Ken Hyland, editor of Applied Linguistics, on how to get your research published in peer-reviewed journals.



• Academic Writing for Publication, 7.5 hp course for PhD students in the social sciences.

Academic and Scientific Writing in English, 7.5 hp course for undergraduate students, focusing on writing academic essays

Effective Communication in English, 15 hp course

• Oral presentations in academic English, 7.5 hp course

• Academic Reading and Writing I and II, 4.5 hp courses for teacher candidates

Languages for Specific Purposes: Theory and Practice, 7.5 hp optional course for master’s and other postgraduate students and teachers.

• Business and Professional Communication, 7.5 hp course, designed for professional organizations.

• Publishing Research in English, a one-day workshop for academic staff; tailor-made to suit the needs of specific researchers and/or departments.

• Teaching in English, A one-day workshop for teachers at Stockholm University.

The Centre for Academic English offers tailor-made courses to PhD students and researchers in all SU faculties. These courses deal with various aspects of English for academic purposes, with a particular focus on writing a PhD thesis and/or a research article in the participants’ field of research. The Centre also collaborates with other departments and institutions in the development and teaching of different courses in English for Specific Purposes. Our partners include the Department of Scandinavian Languages, USOS, SU School of Business, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, the Department of Computer Science, and others. For more information concerning the Centre for Academic English and its activities, please contact Beyza Björkman Nylén.