We have a number of high quality contributions, but will have room for a few more, and thus solicit proposals for essays to be included in this book. We have contacted a highly respected publisher who is interested in taking such a book to the market.

Over time scholars have researched numerous aspects of Dickens’s extended metaphors and other creative and suggestive uses of figurative language (see for example the classic studies by J. Hillis Miller, Alexander Welsh, Robert Alter, H. M. Daleski, and Steven Connor). Even so, the texts pose further challenges. The contributions to the present collection will address various tropes in addition to metaphor, and literalization of metaphor, such as synecdoche, metonymy, hypallage, and parable, personification and reification, and will highlight forms of figurative writing in Dickens’s work that have eluded earlier studies of metaphors and imagery. The “further tropes” may demand rethinking of theories of metaphor and metonymy, and of the relations between figurative language and narrative. The editors thus especially welcome essays that connect imagery and narrative, metaphor theory and narratology, the trope and the telling.

Please submit proposals in the form of an abstract of approximately 500 words no later than March 15. The final submissions should be between 5000 and 9000 words long. The deadline for the complete essays is September 1, 2013. Abstracts will be reviewed by April 15. Please send your proposal and current academic affiliation to marion.wajngot@english.su.se and bo.ekelund@english.su.se