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The Stockholm 2011 Metaphor Festival (SMF)

Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 September Keynotes: Ronald W. Langacker and David Punter

Professor Ronald W. Langacker's keynote lecture 8 Sept. 2011 (wmv)

Professor David Punter's keynote lecture 9 Sept. 2011 (wmv)

Professor Ronald W. Langacker's research seminar 12 Sept. 2011 (wmv)

Workshop: Topics in metonymy

Organising committee

The Stockholm Metaphor Festival is an annual conference on the use of figurative language, arranged by The Department of English at Stockholm University. It brings together researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines, working within different theoretical and methodological paradigms – literary as well as linguistic – in a creative, internationally oriented and friendly atmosphere. The importance of figurative language is now generally recognised, and the Festival offers an opportunity to present and learn about research findings concerning figures of speech in different types of discourse, and their cognitive, cultural, narrative, poetic, rhetorical, social or textual functions.