The seminar takes place at 2 p.m. in room E890, the English Department, Stockholm University. All students and faculty of SU are welcome.


Sites of solidarity, places of courtship: The social landscape of Ralph de Boissière’s Crown Jewel

In this presentation of on-going research into the construction of fictional worlds in the Caribbean novel, I will focus on Ralph de Boissière’s 1952 novel Crown Jewel, which deals with the dramatic mid-thirties years of labor unrest in Trinidad. Mapping a complex social landscape by means of a large gallery of characters, Boissière draws on highly specific features of Port-of-Spain and Southern Trinidad to sharpen our sense of the political stakes of landscape and cityscape. While concrete local places thus become arenas of struggles over resources, the novel strategically plots larger geographical constellations that go beyond these limited horizons, pointing to the demands of solidarity in the construction of space.