Academic communication in a digital age

12-14 June 2014, Stockholm University

A joint conference of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE) and the Swedish LSP symposium

This conference drew connections between new publication practices, changing language uses, and new genres of academic communication. Today academics are under increasing pressure to disseminate their research results through high-impact outlets such as peer-reviewed journals. At the same time, new channels for knowledge transmission and exchange have emerged, often resorting to multimodal modes, and new genres have appeared in academic publishing domains. In the context of growing demands for accountability, transparency, and open access to data and publications, digital media offer improved ways of access to e-publications and alternative ways to fast publicity and open discussion. For international research communities and top-prestige publications, English takes the lion’s share. For outreach, local languages seem to be the most appropriate. Yet digital media mixes these assumptions, because local languages are often used along with English in various ways. Digital media also stir traditional assumptions about language editing and language norms in English. The conference contributions explored different aspects of academic communication in a digital age in order to acquire a better understanding of language uses in the academy and the role of LSP professionals in this changing sociopolitical context.

Plenary speakers at the conference were:

Anna Mauranen, Helsinki University
Metadiscourse in research blogs

Ken Hyland, University of Hong Kong
"This is a very sweeping claim": purposes, problems and practices of academic peer review

Gibson Ferguson, University of Sheffield
On linguistic justice in a digital age: the case of English in academia

Carmen Pérez-Llantada, University of Zaragoza
Research genres and the growth of techno-dependency: intersections and implications

LSP Conference programme and abstracts 2014 (902 Kb)

Poster proceedings

In the spirit of the conference, posters presented at the conference have been published in an electronic poster proceedings, freely available to all: 2014 LSP Conference Poster proceedings (pdf)

Posters in the proceedings:

  • Nuria Edo Marzá, Universitat Jaume I: Book and enjoy! A corpus-based approach to the use of verbs in promotional hotel webpages
  • Purificación Sánchez Hernández, Universidad de Murcia: Lexical bundles in several academic disciplines: A comparative study
  • Lene Nordrum, Lund University, and Andreas Eriksson, Chalmers University of Technology: Data commentary in science writing: A discourse model for multimodal result presentation in science publication
  • Ana I. Moreno, Universidad de León: Rhetorical strategies to get published in international versus national journals: The devil is in the details
  • Sally Burgess, Universidad de La Laguna: ‘Devilish details’ in research article introductions: A comparative analysis of national and international rhetorical strategies
  • Maria-Lluïsa Gea-Valor, Universitat Jaume I: A comparison of the rhetorical structure of the Methods section in international versus national research articles
  • Pedro Martín, Universidad de La Laguna: The rhetorical structure of research article Results (and Discussion) sections in international versus national journals
  • Ana I. Moreno, Universidad de León: The rhetorical structure of research article Discussion (and/or Conclusion) sections in national versus international journals

Conference organisers: Centre for Academic English, Stockholm University