Conference on comic guru Grant Morrison

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Conference on comic guru Grant Morrison

"Which side are you on? The worlds of Grant Morrison" was a workshop that Francesco-Alessio Ursini, Adnan Mahmutovic and Frank Bramlett organized on the 19th and 20th of December, here at the English department.

The workshop involved researchers from Europe, Australia and the US, and featured 10 papers that explored the works and themes of Grant Morrison, one of the most important comics authors of the last three decades. The workshop also highlighted the vibrant and innovative research being carried out at the department, research that will appear in published form in 2015, and will involve a second workshop on comics around Christmas 2014 (fingers crossed!). Bookmark this page for more information and updates!

Download an excerpt from the transcription of the roundtable, which covers the first twenty minutes of the conversation in which all speakers discuss their favorite Morrison book. The video below is a composite of a few highlights, which together show the dynamic interactive nature of the roundtable.

Abstracts (423 Kb)

Program (135 Kb)

Transcript (160 Kb)


The participants are (right to left):

Adnan Mahmutovic (striped sweater, glasses);
Frank Bramlett (beige jeans, bleached blond);
David Coughlan (black sweater, glasses);
Kate Roddy (glasses, blonde hair);
Darragh Greene (beard, hoodie);
Roy Cook (glasses, forearm tattoos);
Nick Galante (beard, striped sweater);
Tommi Kakko (brown sweater, white-collared shirt);
Keith Scott (green sweater, glasses);
Francesco-Alessio Ursini (white shirt, tie).

Although she gave a presentation on Thursday via Skype, Clare Pitkethly was unable to participate in the roundtable.


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