PhD student


I completed my undergraduate studies in English at London University's Goldsmiths College, receiving a Diploma in 2004 and a BA in 2008. I was awarded my MA in English Literature from Uppsala University in 2012, writing my thesis on the representation of jihad in John Buchan's Greenmantle and Hall Caine's The White Prophet.

My doctoral dissertation’s working title is The Pan-Islamic Peril in Early Twentieth Century Popular Fiction. Pan-Islamic Peril novels reflected fears expressed in the press and in policy circles; which in a widely read fictional form created enduring archetypes of jihad which are relevant to how Muslim political violence is perceived in the West today. Taking a new historicist approach this project looks at the late nineteenth century origins and the early twentieth century development of fiction dealing with the contemporary pan-Islamic Peril paranoia, culminating in novels about German-Ottoman plots to spark a jihad in the British Empire during the First World War. The thesis traces the shifts in the discourse of the pan-Islamic Peril, contextualises the novels in the public debate and looks closely at the dialogic interaction between the narrator’s voice and the radical speeches of Pan-Islamist characters.