Kate O Farrell

PhD student

Room: E815


Kate O’Farrell is a PhD candidate in English linguistics at the Department of English, Stockholm University. Her research is primarily concerned with gender in asynchronous online communication, particularly the way in which gender ideologies are discursively constructed in online comment sections such as on YouTube or news sites. The main approaches used in the research include the Appraisal framework, Bakhtinian dialogism, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Narrative analysis.

Kate has an MA in Applied linguistics from the University of Limerick and had taught EAL and academic English in Beijing and Dublin. At Stockholm University she has taken part in the Doctoral School theme course ‘Dynamics of Multilingualism’ throughout its four semesters.

Research topics: Asynchronous online communication; Comment Sections; Dialogism; Gender; Ideologies.

Maria Kuteeva (Main)
Josep Soler (Second)