Jonas Persson
PhD student

Room: E838
Telephone: +46 (0)8 16 42 25

I have a BA in English, Comparative Literature and Classical Greek from the University of Lund, and an MA (distinction) in English Literature from the University of York.

I am currently working on a PhD dissertation on Lord Byron's letters, provisionally entitled Byron, Epistolary Form and the Poetics of Over-looking. With the exception of a foray into Elizabethan and Jacobean drama (the corporeality of rhetoric), my interests lie primarily in 19th and early 20th century poetry and questions of singularity, rhetoric, parody and generic (in)stabiltity.

My MA dissertation – Poets in a Bottle: Parody, Paralipsis and Romantic Predecessors in Robert Browning's Men and Women – was an exploration of the diverse strategies, self-alignments and exorcisms, which Robert Browning resorts to in order to overcome the influence from his Romantic predecessors. He tries to cram them into China bottles (to use his own metaphor) marked Parody, but they have a genie-like tendency to escape. His conscious allusions to them, or to topoi employed by them, in order to contain or subdue them within a parodic or grotesque framework, is often followed by eerie echoes from the predecessors themselves, catching the poet/speaker unawares and creating intriguing ambiguities. Following Harold Bloom, I introduced the metaphor-trope paralipsis to account for this interplay between poet and predecessor, allusion and echo. In Browning's poetry, allusion is not ventriloquism, but more akin to banter – at times good-natured but never innocuous.